Friday, December 13, 2013

Scavenger Hunt 3

This is a photo, taken at an odd angle, of a trophy. This is angled up to represent 'Leading Lines'. Even though I like how the trophy looks in this photo, I would make the photo have more focus on the trophy and have he background blurred out a little more.

This is a photo of the stairs at my school. This photo is representing 'Symmetrical' because the stairs are identical on each side.  

This photo is representing 'Framing'. The photo was taken through a doors' glass area and the sides of the door made a frame around the edges of the image. If I could change anything I would have the people in the background move so all I saw through the glass was my classmate, Clara.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Forced Perspective

This is a photo of Grace and Clara looking like they are falling. I manipulated the image by taking the image and rotating it to make it appear looking like Clara is falling off the side and Grace is just sitting on the top looking for Clara. I used a Slow Shutter Speed and a medium ISO. The hardest part about shooting this photo was getting the poses just right.

This is a photo of Grace and Clara looking like they are stuck to the ground. It was taken upside down to make it appear like they were defying gravity. I also used a slow shutter speed and a medium ISO to shoot this photo. I like how it looks like they are defying gravity which is a prime example of forced perspective photography.

Andy Goldsworthy Inspired

My image is leaves in the shape of a cross with a different colored leaf in the middle. This represents Goldsworthys’ photography because I was using leaves to create something. This photo was shot with a Medium Shutter Speed & High ISO.

This is a photo of a pumpkin sitting on top of leaves. It is similar to Andy Goldsworthy's work because the natural things such as: leaves, the pumpkin, and the sunlight to create an image. This photo was also shot with a Medium Shutter Speed & High ISO.

Unusual Angle

 This photo was taken by the fence looking directly right toward the sun. With an ISO: 640 & Shutter Speed: 1/250. I like how part of it is blurred and some of it has a good focus point. Also how the sunlight creates good lighting without making the picture look to harsh.

This is a photo taken above the gym. This is also an unusual angle because it is tilted and not just a strait. With an ISO: 640 & Shutter Speed: 1/250. I like how the angle is unique and it shows a good amount of the court.

Scavenger Hunt 2

 This photo represents the word 'growing' because ,as everyone knows, plants are always growing. I shot this photo with a medium shutter speed and a high ISO. I really like the brightness and how crisp this picture is.  

This image is a photo of a little branch-string that I wrapped around a tree. This word  interprets “wrapped”. It represents that word because the string is literally wrapped around the tree. I used a medium shutter speed and a medium ISO. I like how the picture is very focused on the main point and the background is blurred.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Scavenger Hunt 1

This picture describes ‘seasonal’ because it is currently Fall and this picture is a good representation of the season because it shows the appearance of the leaves. The camera was on the manual setting; I used a fast shutter speed and an ISO around 200. I like this picture because of its sharpness and I love the leaves during Fall so I’m completely in love with it. 

This picture of the flower also describes seasonal because it is a part of nature at. This photo was taken on the manual camera setting with a fast shutter speed and an ISO around 200. I like this photo because of the bright flower in it and how defined everything around it is.